ClickUp Time Tracker

At the office we make use of ClickUp quite heavily. It's a pretty versatile productivity platform, but not without it's quirks.

The built-in time tracking capabilities are okay. But actually working it is very tedious and requires you to keep track of things across multiple tasks, boards or even spaces.

When you're working with giant project boards with 500+ tasks things slow down quick. At peak hours the web app becomes somewhat unresponsive and retroactively logging hours becomes pretty much impossible.

Tracking time should be as frictionless and orderly as possible. This is why've created a small tool to streamline my day. Drummroll please; the ClickUp Time Tracker.

The Time Tracker is a cross platform app. It works on MacOS, Linux & Windows.

Out of the box you get a calendar like time tracking experience. Click and drag on the calendar to create a new entry. Attach a ClickUp task & after this you are free to rearrange, resize, duplicate. Basically work with it like you would in a calendar app.

All changes you make are synced with ClickUp in real time!

Time Tracker for ClickUp Screenshot

What's included

  • Changes synced with ClickUp in real-time
  • Orderly Week calendar view (easily spot gaps)
  • Intuitive drag & drop UI
  • Convenient keyboard shortcuts
  • A dedicated management view to get a live view of time tracking of any user (workspace admins only)
  • Lower your cortisol levels at the end of the workday by 30% (results may vary)


I hope this tool is of some use to you! I'm sure if you work with ClickUp & need to do some time tracking. This tool works a heck of a lot better than anything ClickUp provides you out of the box.

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